Le Nord-Pinus,


Due to work, the hotel and its 26 rooms will remain closed before the final reopening in 2025.

For enquiries or reservations, you may contact us
at +334 65 88 40 40 or by e-mail at contact@nord-pinus.com
Façade of hotel Le Nord-Pinus in Arles, France.
View of Le Nord-Pinus's bar

The hotel Le Nord-Pinus belongs to the memory of all Arlesians...

For me, as a child, it was the temple of leisure, of worldliness and above all of bullfighting. It was like an initiatory journey in reverse, starting from the Place du Forum without leaving it, towards Paris, towards Spain, towards the World. Images of Lucia Bose and Dominguin in white and gold costumes, of Cocteau and Picasso in black cape...

— Christian Lacroix